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Jacksonville Theft can be Grand Theft, Petit Theft, Employee Theft, Retail Theft, or Grand Theft Auto in Florida.  If you are arrested for stealing in Jacksonville, the value of the property that was stolen will determine if you will be charged with grand theft or petty theft (petit theft) in Florida.  If the property that was stolen or taken is worth more than $300, this is Jacksonville grand theft. Otherwise, you will be charged with Jacksonville Petty Theft.  A Jacksonville Petty Theft can be upgraded to Felony Petit Theft if you have prior Jacksonville petit theft conviction.  A Jacksonville Theft Lawyer can help you defend against your Florida theft charges.

According to Florida Statute 812.014, a theft occurs when a criminal defendant does the following:

1. knowingly and unlawfully obtains, uses, or endeavors to obtain or use the alleged victim’s property, and
2. has the intent to:
(a) deprive the victim of the property or benefit from it or
(b) appropriate the property for his own use or another person’s use that is not entitled to it.

This Florida theft law states that Jacksonville grand theft occurs when the value of the property is worth more than $300. Grand Theft is a felony in Jacksonville, Florida. Florida Petit Theft occurs when the property is worth $300 or less. Petit Theft (petty theft) is a misdemeanor in Jacksonville, Florida.

If you are charged with a theft crime in Jacksonville, Florida or the surrounding areas, contact a Jacksonville Florida Theft Attorney. A Jacksonville Florida Theft Lawyer will look out for your best interests and fight for you.  Contact a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer at 20 Miles Law.  You can contact a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney at (904) 564-2525 or by email.

Petit Theft
Grand Theft
Grand Theft Auto
Felony Petit Theft

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