Jacksonville Record Seal and Expunging a Florida Criminal Record

If you have ever been arrested for a crime in Florida, you have a Florida criminal record. Even if the criminal charges were dropped, you still have a criminal background. A Florida criminal background can follow you forever, but there is a solution to this problem. Under Florida law, you may be able to have your Florida criminal record sealed or your criminal record expunged.

Florida Record Expungment ExpunctionBy having your criminal background sealed or expunged, your criminal background is not open to the public. Sealing or expunging your criminal record prevents most potential employers from viewing your criminal background. Under Florida Statute 943.059, when you seal your Florida criminal history record, the criminal record is preserved, but it is inaccessible to the public. Once you seal your Florida criminal background, only people that have a legal right to your arrest record can access it. When you expunge your Florida criminal history record, the court orders the destruction of your criminal record. Only the Florida Department of Law Enforcement keeps a copy of your criminal record when it is expunged.  Florida’s Law to Expunge a Record is FL Statute 943.0585

20 Miles Law has helped people seal and expunge their criminal records. If you are interested in having a criminal record sealed or expunged, contact a Florida Criminal Attorney. A Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer understands how important it is to keep your criminal record private.  Contact a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer at 20 Miles Law.  You can contact a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney at (904) 564-2525 or by email.

Seal a Florida Criminal Record
Expunge a Florida Criminal Record

Can I Seal My Florida Criminal Record?
Can I Expunge My Florida Criminal Record?

Florida’s Procedure to Expunge a Criminal Record
Florida’s Procedure to Seal a Criminal Record

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