Jacksonville Murder Lawyer

Jacksonville First-Degree Murder:
According to Florida Statute 782.04(1)(a), Jacksonville First-Degree Murder is a capital felony.  Jacksonville First-Degree Murder is defined as unlawfully killing another person when such killing is:

  1. premeditated (the defendant has the intent to kill);
  2. a result of the unlawful distribution of certain controlled substances by a person that is at least 18-years-old and the drug is the proximate cause of the the user’s death; or
  3. committed by a person that is committing or attempting to commit a crime listed in Florida Statute Section 782.04(1)(a)(2).

Jacksonville Second-Degree Murder:
Jacksonville Second Degree Murder is a first-degree felony.  According to Florida Statute 782.04(2), Jacksonville Second-Degree Murder occurs in the following situations:

  1. A person unlawfully kills another human-being by acting in a manner imminently dangerous with a depraved mind. Jacksonville Second-Degree Murder does not require an intent to kill.
  2. A human-being is killed while the defendant is committing or attempted commit a crime listed in Florida Statute Section 782.084(3). This occurs when someone other than the defendant actually causes the death.

Jacksonville Third-Degree Murder:
Jacksonville Third-Degree Murder is a second-degree felony.  According to Florida Statute Section 782.04(4), Jacksonville Third-Degree Murder occurs when a person unlawfully kills other while engaged in the commission or attempted commission of a felony other than those listed in Florida Statute Section 782.04(4).

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