Jacksonville Manslaughter Lawyer

Under Florida Statute 782.07, Jacksonville Manslaughter occurs when a human-being dies and:

  1. the defendant intentionally caused or procured the death or
  2. the defendant’s culpable negligence caused the death.

With Jacksonville Manslaughter charges, he defendant did not intent to cause the death. If a Jacksonville criminal defendant intends to cause death, he will be charged with Jacksonville first-degree murder which is premeditated murder, not manslaughter.  Jacksonville Manslaughter is a second-degree felony in Florida.

Jacksonville Aggravated Manslaughter occurs when the victim of the manslaughter is:

  1. elderly or disabled;
  2. under age 18; or
  3. an officer, firefighter, emergency medical technician, or paramedic while that person is performing his or her duties.

Jacksonville Aggravated Manslaughter is a first-degree felony in Florida.

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