Jacksonville DUI Lawyer for Florida Driving Under the Influence

Have you been arrested in Jacksonville for a DUI, and you don’t know what to?  When you go to jail for a driving under the influence in Jacksonville, there are so many things running through your head.  You wonder, “Why was I arrested for DUI when I was not even impaired by alcohol or drugs?”  You may be thinking, “I made a big mistake by drinking and driving, but how am I going to fix this?”  You are probably worried.  “Will I be convicted of DUI in Jacksonville, Florida?”  “Will I go to jail for driving under the influence of alcohol?”  “What is a Florida DUI charge going to do to my future?”  Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your Jacksonville DUI arrest, you should speak with a Jacksonville driving under the influence lawyer.  A Jacksonville DUI attorney with experience with Florida DUI cases can help you.   When you are charged with DUI in Jacksonville, you will likely lose your Florida driver’s license for a time period.  The longer you wait to talk to a Jacksonville DUI Lawyer, the worse this can get.  You have rights when it comes to a Florida DUI charge and a Jacksonville DUI attorney can help you with this.

Whether you are charged in Clay County, Nassau County, St. Johns County, or Duval County, Florida’s driving under the influence laws are the same.  You do not want to enter a plea of guilty or no contest for any type of plea bargain without reviewing the evidence in your DUI case and talking to a Florida DUI attorney about the laws that apply to you.  Just because you have been arrested for or even charged with Driving Under the Influence in Jacksonville, Florida, it does not mean that you will lose your license, go to jail, or be convicted of Jacksonville Driving Under the Influence.  You may have a DUI defense for your case.  A Florida DUI Lawyer knows how to evaluate all the evidence in a Jacksonville DUI to build a defense to a DUI case in Jacksonville.

According to Florida DUI laws, Jacksonville Driving Under the Influence occurred when it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt that you:

  1. Were driving while your faculties were impaired due to the influence of drugs or alcohol; or
  2. Were driving a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.80 % or higher.

A Jacksonville DUI arrest usually occurs after a police officer stops a Florida driver.  Once legally stopped, an officer can evaluate an odor of alcohol, whether your eyes are bloodshot, if you speech is slurred, your stability on your feet, evidence of drug or alcohol on your person or in your car.  The Florida police officer will also ask questions, such as whether you have been drinking or taken any drugs or medications.  It does not matter if the medications were proscribed to you or not.  You can still be charged with a Jacksonville DUI based on prescription medications.  However, if you were not legally stopped (there was a Florida unlawful search and seizure), the Florida DUI evidence that follows the stop may not be admissible in court in a Jacksonville DUI trial.

Penalties for a Jacksonville have different ranges depending how many prior DUI charges on on the Florida Driver’s record.  In Florida, the sentences for DUI are as follows:

First Offense: Fine: $250-$500; Suspension: 6-12 Months; Jail: 1 day – 6 months; Probation 6-12 Months.
Second Offense: Fine: $500-$1,000; Suspension: 6-12 Months or 5 years; Jail: 10 day – 9 months; Probation 6-12 Months; Ignition lock; 1 year.
Third Offense: Fine: $1,000-$5,000; Suspension: 6-12 Months; Jail: 30 days – 5 years; Probation 0-5 years; Ignition lock; 2 years.

As for you Florida driver’s license being suspended due to a Jacksonville DUI charge, you only have 10 days from the arrest to request a hearing from the DMV to avoid loosing your license for the statutory period.

Contact a Jacksonville DUI lawyer as soon as possible to defend you and protect your liberty, rights, Florida criminal record, and your Jacksonville driver’s license. Call a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer at 20 Miles Law.  You can contact a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney at (904) 564-2525 or by email.