Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer

Choosing the right lawyer is an important decision for anyone charged with a crime in Jacksonville, Florida.  A Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney may make a difference in the outcome of your case.  When a person is arrested and has pending criminal charges, the only thing that he or she can think about is the future.  You may say to yourself: “Am I going to go to jail?” “What is going to happen to my Florida criminal record?” “How can I fix this?” “I don’t understand what is going on!”

A lawyer in Jacksonville that has extensive experience with Florida criminal law and the criminal justice system will be able to answer your questions.  Every case is different and needs to be defended in an aggressive, proactive manner.  Cynthia Veintemillas is an experienced Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer who prides herself on the legal services that she provides for her clients.  She is a former Duval County public defender with an in-depth understanding of the criminal law process.   As a public defender, she successfully represented hundreds of clients in felony and misdemeanor criminal cases, such as DUI, Drug Crimes, Burglary, Battery, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Sex Crimes, and other criminal offenses.  As a former public defender, she understands that when your defense attorney has too many cases, the quality of the representation suffers.  When she became a private attorney in 2008, she was able to pick quality over quantity and devote extensive time and resources to each individual client.

Just because a person is arrested in Jacksonville, it does not mean that he or she is guilty of the crime.  Sometimes, people are falsely accused of crimes, in need of a Jacksonville lawyer.  This may be based on faulty evidence, improper eyewitness identification, coerced confessions, and witnesses who do not tell the truth.  The Florida State Attorney’s Office may have overcharged a criminal defendant.  Often, people are charged with Jacksonville Battery, when they were involved in a fight.  However, the proper crime would have been a Jacksonville Fighting charge, a lesser offense.  In criminal cases, the prosecutor may be seeking a greater sentence than permissible.  For example, a person may be charged with armed robbery and facing a 10-year minimum mandatory sentence in the Florida State Prison.  However, if the defendant was not in possession of a firearm, he should not be subject to the Florida 10-20-Life Statute.  A Jacksonville lawyer with experience with Florida’s laws, can help you with any of these issues.

Regardless of whether you are arrested for crime in Duval County, Clay County, St. Johns County, or Nassau County, it does not mean you will go to jail and be convicted of a crime.  It is important to have a criminal defense attorney to pursue the case at the early stages.  The best criminal defense is to actively be on the offense.  It may be possible to convince the prosecutor to drop or decline to prosecute the Florida Criminal case.  Your criminal lawyer may be able to get your charges reduced.  You may be able to enter a pre-trial diversion program, which would result in the charges being dropped.  Cynthia Veintemillas is a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney that has handled thousands of cases with different prosecutors in Clay, Duval, and St. Johns Counties.  Not only does she have courtroom and trial experience, but she also knows negotiate and present a criminal case in order to achieve a favorable disposition.  If she cannot achieve a favorable disposition pre-trial, she will fight for your liberty in court.

After dealing with a Florida criminal case, your Jacksonville Lawyer can petition to seal or expunge your record.  It is important to have a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney that knows how to expunge or seal your record.  Cynthia Veintemillas is a lawyer that seals records, so knows how to dispose of a criminal case in a proper manner.

If you have questions about a criminal charge, a criminal investigation, or other legal issues. Contact a Florida Defense Attorney for help at 20 Miles Law by calling (904) 564-2525 or by email (Contact a Lawyer).

For more information about criminal law, visit www.criminallawyerinjax.com.

Alcohol-Related Crimes
Attempted Murder
Battery & Felony Battery
Crimes Against Children
Crimes and Penalties
Criminal Mischief and Vandalism
Dealing in Stolen Property
Domestic Violence
Driving Offenses
Jacksonville DUI -Driving While Under the Influence (DUI/DWI)
Drug Crimes
False Imprisonment
Firearms and Weapons Crimes
Fleeing and Attempting to Elude a Law Enforcement Officer
Juvenile Defense
Making Threats/Extortion
Obstruction of Justice
Seal or Expunge a Criminal Record
Traffic Tickets and Speeding Tickets
Violation of Probation
Worthless Checks

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