Felony DUI with Prior DUI Convictions

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When a person pleads guilty or no contest to a Jacksonville DUI, this Jacksonville driving under the influence charge will be on his or her Florida criminal record and Florida driving record.  Often, Florida driver will be stopped and accused of drinking and driving in Jacksonville, Florida.  Most of the time, the Jacksonville DUI officers will ask for the Florida driver to take Jacksonville DUI tests, also known as field sobriety tests or field sobriety exercises.  After the person is accused of Jacksonville DUI (also referred to as Jacksonville DWI), he or she will be taken to the Duval County Jail.  In Nassau, Clay, and St. Johns counties, the Florida driver arrested for DUI will be taken to the proper Florida county jail.  At the Duval County Jail, the Jacksonville DUI defendant will be asked to take a breath test of give a breath sample via the Florida intoxilyzer or breathalyzer machine.  The Florida driver may refuse to give a breath sample or give one.  Due to the Jacksonville breath machine’s lack of reliability, it is sometimes not the best idea to take a Jacksonville breath test.

Regardless of the facts and evidence surrounding the Jacksonville DUI case and the lack of knowledge about Jacksonville DUI laws, some people will plead guilty or no contest after a Jacksonville DUI arrest and just take the Jacksonville DUI charge.  It may be because this person does not want to take the time to hire a Jacksonville DUI Lawyer or “waste money” on a Jacksonville DUI Attorney.  This is a bad idea.  The Jacksonville DUI Defendant may be offered a stiff probation for the Florida DUI, and he or she wants to get rid of the case very quickly.  In the attempt to resolve a Jacksonville DUI charge and avoid hiring a Jacksonville DUI Lawyer, he or she pleads guilty or no contest and does not think about the ramifications that this DUI charge in Jacksonville will have on his or her life.

For example, Jacksonville Driving under the Influence is normally a misdemeanor, but it can be increased a Jacksonville felony DUI charge.  Under Florida DUI laws, prior convictions for Driving Under the Influence may be used against a defendant charged with Jacksonville DUI in order to increase the penalties of the Florida DUI offense.  Had this Florida DUI defendant hired a Jacksonville DUI Attorney for his or her previous cases, he or she may not be facing a third or fourth Jacksonville DUI and felony now.

If you have been arrested for three of more DUI cases in Jacksonville or another northeast Florida town, such as Orange Park, St. Augustine, or Ponte Vedra, you will be facing a serious Florida DUI case.  You may be possibly charged with a felony DUI in Jacksonville.  It is important to hire an Jacksonville Florida DUI Defense Attorney that has experience with Driving Under the Influence cases to fight your Jacksonville DUI charges and to try to prevent the Jacksonville DUI case from being upgraded to a felony. If you are charged with Felony Driving Under the Influence in Jacksonville, Florida or the surrounding areas, speak with a Jacksonville Florida DUI Lawyer that has successfully defended DUI cases.

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