Felony Battery

Jacksonville Felony Battery Lawyer

Have you been arrested for Jacksonville battery?  Have you ever pled guilty or no contest to a battery in Florida?  Were you convicted of Jacksonville Battery or were you given a withhold of adjudication on a Jacksonville battery charge?  If you have been arrested for battery in Florida before, the Clay, St. Johns, Nassau, or Duval County State Attorney’s Office may be able to charge with Florida felony battery, even if the Jacksonville criminal defendant only committed simple battery (misdemeanor battery).   Under Florida law, if you have a prior conviction for battery, aggravated battery, or felony battery and you commit an another battery, the Florida simple battery can be charged as a felony battery, a third degree felony. Not only can a prior Florida conviction for battery be used against you, but even a withhold of adjudication to increase the Jacksonville simple battery to Jacksonville felony battery.

For instance, if you have a prior conviction for aggravated battery in St. Johns County, simple battery in Duval County, or felony battery in Clay County, and then you are arrested in Nassau county for striking someone, you may be charged with a felony battery instead of misdemeanor.

The Florida Battery Law is found in Florida Statute 784.03.  This Florida Battery Law states that if a criminal defendant intentionally (a) touched or struck the alleged victim against his or her will, or (b) caused bodily harm to the alleged victim, he or she can be charged with Florida Battery.  If a Jacksonville Criminal Defendant is charged outright for Florida simple battery is a first degree misdemeanor. However, if the Jacksonville Criminal Defendant has a prior conviction for battery, he or she can be charged with Florida Felony Battery which is a third degree felony.

If you anticipate being charged with Jacksonville battery or you have already been arrested for it, contact a Jacksonville Florida Criminal Defense Attorney as soon as possible. When it comes to Florida felony battery, time is of the essence. A Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer may be able to investigate your case early and discuss it with the prosecutor prior to the case being filed. This may result in the case being dropped, filed as a misdemeanor instead of a felony, or a favorable disposition.

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