Florida Criminal Record Expunge Lawyer

Have you been arrested in Jacksonville?  Were your Jacksonville criminal charges dropped?  Even if you were arrested for crime in Florida and the Jacksonville charges were dropped, you will still have a Florida criminal record.  Expunging your Florida Criminal Record is very important.  Your Florida criminal record will follow you to any state that you move to, but you have options. You can get your Florida criminal record sealed or your Florida criminal record expunged.  If the Florida criminal charges were dropped, the Jacksonville arrest will still show up on a Florida background check.  Your Jacksonville arrest will still be a part of Florida public record.  By expunging your record in Florida, you can protect yourself.

In order to get you criminal record expunged in Florida, certain requirements must be met:

  1. The Florida criminal case did not result in a criminal conviction. Either the prosecutor never filed the Florida criminal case or the charges were dropped or dismissed.
  2. If the Florida criminal conviction was withheld or you were acquitted, your Florida criminal record must have been sealed for 10 years. If you are trying to get a withheld conviction or acquittal expunged, you need to seal the Florida criminal record first, and then have the Florida criminal record expunged.
  3. You have never been been convicted of a criminal offense (felony, misdemeanor, or certain driving offenses).
  4. You have never had your criminal record expunged or seal before.  (Note:  The law has recently changed.  If you have had a record sealed or expunged in another state, you may still be able to seal or expunge your record in Florida.  Read Can I Seal or Expunge My Florida Record if I Have a Prior Seal or Expunction?)
  5. There are certain Florida charges that may not be sealed. For a list of Florida’s disqualifying charges, see Florida Statute Section 907.041.
  6. You must go through Florida’s Criminal Record Expunging Process.

If you are interested in expunging your Florida criminal background, contact a Jacksonville Florida Record Expunging Attorney. A Jacksonville Florida Record Expunging Lawyer understands how important it is to keep your criminal record private. Call a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer at 20 Miles Law.  You can contact a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney at (904) 564-2525 or by email.

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