DUI with Serious Bodily Injury

Jacksonville DUI Defense Lawyer

Have you been arrested for Jacksonville DUI with Serious Bodily Injury?  Were you involved in car accident and a person was hurt?  After that accident, were you accused of driving under the influence and later arrested for DUI in Jacksonville, Florida?  At 20 Miles Law, you can speak with a Jacksonville DUI Defense Lawyer that can help you.

Jacksonville Driving under the Influence (DUI) (DWI), is normally a misdemeanor. However, it can be a felony. Under Florida DUI laws, a driver can be charged with felony DUI if he or she caused serious bodily injury.  In fact, the only difference between a Jacksonville misdemeanor DUI and a Jacksonville felony DUI with serious bodily injury is that person was serious injured.

Under Florida Law (Florida Statute 316.193), Florida Driving Under the Influence Causing Serious Bodily Injury occurs when the Florida driver caused serious bodily injury as a result of driving while under the influence to the extent that he or she was impaired.  The Florida DUI Law states that serious bodily injury occurs when there is a substantial risk of death, serious personal disfigurement, or loss or impairment of a part of the body.

In Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding areas, Jacksonville Driving Under the Influence Causing Serious Bodily Injury is taken very seriously. This DUI scores prison time under the Florida Sentencing Guidelines. Therefore, it is important to hire a Jacksonville DUI Defense Attorney to protect your rights. A Jacksonville Florida DUI Lawyer has experience with Driving Under the Influence Causing Serious Bodily Injury cases and will work hard for you. Call a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer at 20 Miles Law.  You can contact a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney at (904) 564-2525 or by email.