Drug Crimes

Jacksonville Drug Defense Lawyer

When you are arrested for a drug crime in Jacksonville, Florida, the outcome of your Jacksonville drug case could have a lasting negative impact on your future.  In Duval, Clay, Nassau, and St. Johns Counties, the Florida prosecutors take Florida drug crimes very serious.  Quite often, certain Jacksonville felony drug charge will almost certainly come with sentences that involve spending time in the Florida State Prison.  Regardless, having a Jacksonville drug charge on your Florida record can hinder your chances to find a job, go to college, or work in a certain field.  Not only can a Jacksonville drug arrest lead to a jail sentence and a Florida criminal record, it can also cause your Florida driver’s license to be suspended.

Florida drug crimes can range from misdemeanors, such as Jacksonville possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana or possession of drug paraphernalia, to felony drug charges, such as Jacksonville possession of cocaine or sale of a controlled substance.  Whether you are arrested for a misdemeanor or felony drug charge in Florida, contacting a Jacksonville Drug Crimes Attorney is crucial to your case.  A Jacksonville Drug Attorney can investigate, evaluate, and defend your Florida drug charges and the circumstances surrounding your Jacksonville arrest.  You may have a defense to the Jacksonville Florida drug charges, such as the marijuana, cocaine, or other controlled substance did not belong to you, and there is no proof that you were in actual or constructive possession of the drugs.  Also, if the police officers conduct a stop, search, or seizure in violation of the 4th amendment of the constitution and Florida law, a Jacksonville drug crimes attorney may be about to suppress the evidence that has been obtain via a Florida Motion to Suppress hearing.

If you are charged with any type of drug crime in St. Johns, Nassau, Clay, or Duval County, Florida, you need a Jacksonville drug defense lawyer that has represent hundreds of clients for drug-related crimes. A Jacksonville Drug Crime Attorney understands how important your case is.  Contact a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer at 20 Miles Law.  You can contact a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney at (904) 564-2525 or by email.

Possession of Marijuana
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
Drug Trafficking
Possession of Cocaine or Controlled Substance
Drug Sales
Possession with the Intent to Sell
Armed Possession of Drugs
Obtaining a Controlled Substance by Fraud

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