Carrying a Concealed Firearm

Jacksonville Concealed Firearm Lawyer

Florida Gun Crimes include a variety of criminal offenses that can range from assault with a gun to carrying a concealed firearm in Jacksonville, Florida. The Florida law that covers carrying a concealed firearm is Florida Statute 790.01(2).  It stated that carrying a concealed firearm occurs when:

  1. A person knowingly carries a firearm and
  2. The firearm is concealed from another person’s ordinary sight.

Carrying a Concealed Firearm is a third degree felony in Jacksonville, Florida. This gun crime result in a five year prison sentence.  However, you can defend against a Jacksonville gun charge, such as Florida carrying a concealed firearm.

There are several defenses to carrying a concealed firearm in Jacksonville, Florida.  For example, imagine that you are driving and a Duval County police officer pulls you over. A a gun is found tucked away somewhere in the car.  There is another person that is in the car with you.  In order to be convicted of carrying a concealed firearm in Jacksonville, Florida, the Duval County State Attorney must prove the charge beyond a reasonable doubt.  He or she must prove to the jury that you knowingly had the gun.  If you were not carrying the gun, it was found somewhere in the car, and another person was in the car, the gun may belong to the passenger.   If the gun was not yours, the prosecutor may not be able to prove that you were carrying a concealed firearm in Jacksonville, Florida.

Carrying a Concealed firearm is a serious charge in Jacksonville, Florida. Even if you do not have a Florida criminal record and you have never been arrested before, the prosecutor often seeks jail time.  However, a Jacksonville Concealed Firearms Attorney may be able to help you achieve a better outcome in your Florida gun crime case.  A Jacksonville Gun Lawyer can present mitigation on your behalf in order to achieve a more lenient sentence.

If you have been arrested in Jacksonville, Florida (Duval County) or the surrounding areas (Nassau, St. Johns, or Clay County) for Carrying a Concealed Weapon, contact a Jacksonville Firearms Attorney. A Jacksonville Florida Concealed Firearms Lawyer will investigate your case and advise you further.  Contact a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer at 20 Miles Law.  You can contact a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney at (904) 564-2525 or by email.

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