Florida Burglary Defense Lawyer

According to Florida Statute 810.02, Jacksonville burglary occurs when a person entered a dwelling, structure, or conveyance that was owned by or in the possession of another and had the intent to commit a crime in the dwelling, structure, or conveyance.  Florida burglary is a felony in Jacksonville.  Depending on the circumstances surrounding this Jacksonville crime, burglary can be a first, second, or third degree felony under Florida law.  If the Jacksonville burglary is committed towards a structure or conveyance, such as a car or a store (not a dwelling), this is a third-degree felony.  If a Jacksonville Criminal Defendant is accused of breaking into a house, this is burglary to a dwelling in Florida.  If that occurs, the accused may be charged with a first or second degree misdemeanor.  If the house was empty, this is Florida Burglary to an Unoccupied Dwelling, which is a second-degree misdemeanor.  However, if there was someone in the house at the time the Jacksonville Criminal Defendant broke into the home, this is Florida Burglary to an Occupied Dwelling.

To learn more about burglary in Duval, Clay, St. Johns, or Nassau County, contact a Jacksonville Florida Burglary Attorney. A Jacksonville Florida Burglary Lawyer will investigate your case and advise you further. Contact a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer at 20 Miles Law.  You can contact a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney at (904) 564-2525 or by email.

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